The Best Ways to Enjoy Beautiful St. George Island Beach

St. George Island Beach is known as one of the most beautiful destination beaches in the United States. Even so, the beach has remained pure. Natural beauty is the premier attraction here; the pristine white sands and gorgeous sunsets are enough to keep beach lovers coming back time and again. Join them for a trip to this serene ocean setting on your next vacation!

When you schedule your day trip to St. George Island beach, make sure you check out our Things to Do page for more fun activities on and near our amazing island. It’s full of the information you need, including restaurants to visit for a great meal, where to find the best shopping, exciting outdoor adventures, and more! It contains everything you need to plan a beautiful trip to lovely St. George!

Enjoying Sun and Sand at St. George Island Beach
Take the opportunity to enjoy St. George Island beach to the fullest. Plan a day to lounge, enjoy the stunning scenery and soak up a little sun. A casual stroll along the beach is the perfect way to release stress and take in the beauty of the island. Seashell collectors will revel in the variety of shells available – oysters, scallops, arks, cockles, and carditas are easy to find. The shells of Florida fighting conch, lightning whelks, and olives occasionally wash up on the shore as well.

After a day of relaxing in the water, strolling the shore and shelling, stay for an amazing sunset over the Gulf of Mexico. Watch the stars to end your night – the lack of ambient light means you can see almost every one in the sky on a clear night. It’s a beautiful way to end a peaceful day on one of the most gorgeous unblemished beaches in the country.

Excellent Fishing at St. George Island Beach
Fishing is one of the most highly ranked pastimes on St. George Island beach, and for good reason. The catch here can be amazing; the most common fishes to catch are whiting, trout and redfish. When the water is warm (typically 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher), you may also see speckled trout, pompano, bluefish and Spanish mackerel. If you want to take your haul home for dinner, there are several local bait and tackle shops that may agree to clean your catch!

Watch for Sea Turtles and More at St. George Island Beach
While on the beach, you may encounter a few friendly creatures, including our famed sea turtles! Nesting occurs over the summer months, and hatchlings make their way out of their shells during the last weeks October. Be aware of hatchling crawls around this time. If you see an area marked with four stakes and yellow tape, it’s alerting you to the presence of a turtle’s nest. Steer clear of that area to ensure that the tiny turtles can make their way to the sea unharmed.

There are also a number of other animals that you may see on St. George Island beach. Sponges and starfish sometimes wash up on the beach, and dolphins can often be spotted from the shore. The shorebirds are also fun to watch. Gulls, sandpipers, and great blue herons are just a few types of feathered creatures you’ll spy flying around the beach.

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