Everything You Need to Know About a Family Photo Shoot on the Beach of St. George Island

Everything You Need to Know About a Family Photo Shoot on the Beach of St. George Island

Some of the best parts about going on vacation are all the lasting memories you are going to make. Keep these cherished times forever when you have a family photo shoot on the beach! Come back year after year and watch your family grow up in your collection of photos. There’s nothing like a family vacation spot that feels like home.
Are you thinking about taking a family photo shoot on the beach? St. George Island is the perfect place to do it! Consider bringing the family for a vacation they will never forget. Check out our Things to Do page for a list of all the best activities on the island to start planning your getaway!

Your Photographer for Your Family Photoshoot on the Beach
If you’re having a family photo shoot on the beach on St. George Island, you’ll want to work with Royce Rolstad. He is a local here that takes stunning family photos. Not only does he know the best places and times to shoot, but he’s also well-versed in making the entire family comfortable. Rolstad explains, “I have families who come to St. George every year and schedule a beach portrait session.  I have watched the kids and grandkids grow up. My repeat clients are like family.” We completely agree and recommend him to anyone looking for a shoot on the island!

3 Steps to Have the Best Family Photoshoot on the Beach

1. Choose Your Outfits
To have a successful family photoshoot, you’ll need to choose your outfits! Some families go for the typical all white ensemble while others want more of a vacation feel. No matter what you choose, you’ll just want to make sure you plan it out so you can pack the right things.

2. Pick a Time
Two of Royce Rolstad’s favorite times to shoot are sunrise and sunset. Yes, the kids might have to have a 7:00 a.m. wake up call, or you might have to make sure they get in an afternoon nap to shoot at sunset. However, it’s all worth it in the end!

3. Have Fun!
Don’t take the fun out of this memory! The best shoots are when the family is relaxed and having a great time. Having photos taken can be nerve-wracking, but a good photographer will make you feel relaxed. Plus, keeping calm and a good attitude will ensure young children won’t be fussy.

Book Your Family Getaway Today
St. George Island is a place that families come back to year after year. We have customers that rent from Collins Vacation Rentals every year; we’ve seen the kids grow up, and we have even met grandkids from our typical renters. Because our island is never crowded, it’s the perfect place to bring the whole family. Browse our vacation rentals to start planning your getaway. With more than 200 to choose from and locations all over the island, we know we have the perfect one for you!

Featured photo by Royce Rolstad

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