This Is Why You Need to Go to Cape St. George Island State Reserve

This is Why You Need to Go to Cape St. George Island State Reserve

St. George Island’s quiet beaches bring countless visitors to our coastal paradise each year. With mile after mile of untouched sands, the pristine shoreline gives you more than enough room to spread out. If you’d like to be in an even more secluded area, spend the day at Cape St. George Island State Reserve. Located on Little St. George Island, you’ll have miles of beach to yourself.

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Little St. George Island 

Little St. George Island was once a part of St. George Island but was separated during the Bob Sike’s Cut. A channel was created between the two parts so Apalachicola fishing fleets and other vessels could more easily access the gulf from Apalachicola Bay. Because of this, Little St. George has been cut off from civilization. Here, you will find the Cape St. George Island State Reserve! More than nine miles of untouched beaches, incredible hiking trails, and amazing wildlife are waiting to be explored.

Getting There
You won’t have to worry about any traffic getting to Cape St. George Island State Reserve; it is only accessible by boat! Keep in mind that Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico can pose a challenge for small boats, kayaks, and canoes. If you choose a small craft, make sure that you are aware of tides, wind, and weather. Otherwise, we recommend renting a boat to bring over and park at the community Marshall Dock.

If you don’t trust yourself to get to Little St. George Island safely, Journey’s of St. George Island offers guided boat tours that include a stop at the island. The 3-Hour Powerboat Tour will take you to the island to bring you to the original site of the St. George Lighthouse. Then, you’ll have some time for walking the beach before hopping back on the boat! Another option is a sailing charter. Just let them know you want to stop at the island!

What You’ll Find
Untouched Landscapes
When you first step foot on the Cape St. George Island State Reserve, it will be very apparent that the island is uninhabited. The pristine white sands merge into a forest to create an island paradise. Not much of Florida’s original natural landscape is left, but on Little St. George, you can still experience a small piece. The gorgeous plant life that is spread throughout the island is one of its biggest allures. The landscape is made up of dunes, pine flatwoods, extensive flatlands, and a small willow swamp.

Flourishing Wildlife 
Because the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program protects the island, the wildlife and natural landscape has been able to flourish. No motorized vehicles are allowed and rangers patrol the island from time to time to protect it. There are few mammals found here due to its separation from the mainland, but a family of raccoons have made it their home. However, a wide array of birds make their way to the island during migration in the spring and fall.

What to Do at Cape St. George Island State Reserve
Go on a Hike 
Hiking is the number one activity to enjoy on the St. George Island State Reserve! Trails consist of sand, shrubbery, and wildflowers. Each trail is marked for your convenience by wooden signs so you always know where you are going. As you hike, you’ll feel as if you are in another world. The combination of greenery, sand, and towering trees shows you a slice of what an untouched Florida landscape looks like.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning on hiking, make sure you wear proper footwear. If you would like to spend some time on the beach, bring a change of shoes. The briars and cacti on these island trails are no match for tiny sandals!

Hit the Beach
If you hate crowded beaches, you have come to the right place. St. George Island beaches are never crowded, but the Cape St. George Island State Reserve beaches barely have anyone on them due to their seclusion from the mainland! There are more than 9 miles of undeveloped beaches waiting to be enjoyed.
Pro Tip: Make sure you bring all your supplies since you won’t have access to St. George Island unless you want to go back by boat. Pack plenty of water and snacks!

Cast a Line
If you’d like a quiet fishing spot, Cape St. George Island State Reserve is perfect for you. If you’d like to cast your line, head to the east end of the island. The shore and jetties here are the best spots to fish. Make sure you have all the gear you need before heading over since there is no bait and tackle on the island!

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