When Is the Best Time to Visit Florida Beaches?

When is the Best Time to Visit Florida Beaches

We all dream of clear, blue water and swaying palms every once in a while. There’s nothing better than a great day on the beach! On St. George Island, the beaches are one of our favorite things to enjoy year round. Each season offers something different! So, when is the best time to visit Florida beaches? That’s for you to decide.
Have you ever heard of St. George Island before? Our sleepy beach town is the perfect place for a vacation. Unlike most of Florida, our little island is not built up. You can still see the wildlife and plants that are indigenous to the Gulf Coast. Take a look at our Things to Do page to get a sneak peek into what our island offers!

When Is the Best Time to Visit Florida Beaches?
To answer this question, you need to think about what you want to get out of your beach vacation. Do you care about running into crowds? Is sitting on the sand with a blanket and a good book your idea of a beach day? Do you enjoy riding your bike down the shoreline in cool weather? What weather do you prefer? Take all of this into account when picking your time to visit.

If You’re Looking for Fun in the Sun…
For a typical beach vacation full of crashing waves, sandy toes, and hot sun, you’ll definitely want to visit St. George Island between late spring and early fall. The weather during this time period usually ranges in the 80s with highs in the 90s! July and August are our hottest months, so a dip in the ocean is an absolute must if you are visiting during these times. Here are the highs and lows during this time:

May- High of 84, low of 65 degrees Fahrenheit
June- High of 89, low of 72 degrees Fahrenheit
July- High of 90, low of 74 degrees Fahrenheit
August- High of 90, low of 74 degrees Fahrenheit
September- High of 87, low of 71 degrees Fahrenheit
October- High of 81, low of 61 degrees Fahrenheit

Our Secret Sunny Season 
St. George Island is never crowded. No big-name hotels or high rises are allowed to be built, and we do our best to preserve the natural state of our land. Even during the busiest seasons, you’ll always be able to get a spot at the beach. However, there are certain times of the year when the weather is warm but the island is less crowded than usual!
If this is what you are looking for, try to come during the end of spring or beginning of fall. Any time before Memorial Day Weekend is usually a little less crowded. In the fall, kids go back to school and less families stay on St. George Island. It’s still great weather during these times; some even prefer it as opposed to 90 degree days!

If You Want Peace and Quiet…
Is your top priority a peaceful and quiet vacation by the beach? Come to St. George Island during the offseason! Our weather is pleasant year-round, and the island remains serene. Wake up to the sound of crashing waves and enjoy your coffee on your porch each morning. Ride bikes on the beach in the afternoon, and don’t forget to go to a spot like Paddy’s Raw Bar to watch the sunset.

Book Your Getaway Today
Have you decided when the best time to visit Florida beaches is? It’s time to book your getaway! Come experience the beauty of St. George Island when you book your stay with Collins Vacation Rentals. We even have rentals right on the water so you can make the most out of your beach vacation. We look forward to seeing you!

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