We Know the Best Beach Vacations for Families With Toddlers

We Know the Best Beaches for Families with Toddlers

Your dream beach vacation is probably lounging on the sand with a drink in your hand. Once a toddler comes into the picture, it might seem like those days are over. Not on St. George Island! Collins Vacation Rentals knows how to make the best beach vacations for families with toddlers. Pack up your floaties and swimmies and head to the Gulf Coast!

Get a sneak peek into all our island offers when you take a look at our Things to Do page! Here, you will find our favorite businesses and activities in our area. Whether you are wondering about which restaurants to get some local bites at or the best spot to cast your fishing line, you’ll find it here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our awesome staff!

How to Have the Best Beach Vacations for Families With Toddlers on SGI

Secluded Beaches
There’s nothing more stressful than having to keep an eye on your toddler at the beach. Crowded beaches are easy to get lost in and make the day unenjoyable for everyone. We can assure you that the beaches on St. George Island are the most secluded you have ever experience. With mile after mile of soft sand, there is more than enough room to spread out. The waves are never big, especially on the bayside, so you can relax knowing your toddler is in the safest beach environment possible. Consider a beachfront home so you can walk out your door onto the sand and go inside whenever your toddler gets fussy!

Close Activities
St. George Island is only 28 miles long and one mile wide at its widest point. This means that no matter where you stay, you will be close to everything! If you toddler needs a nap, you don’t have to worry about hitting heavy traffic to get back to your vacation rental. Head home within minutes, rest, then get back out and enjoy the island.

Everything You Need
St. George Island may be small, but we have everything you need to have the best beach vacations for families with toddlers. Whether you need extra diapers or realize you forgot to pack the all-important sunscreen, you can easily get it on the island. We have multiple grocery stores right here on SGI so you don’t even have to cross the bridge!

Convenience of a Vacation Rental 
The recipe for success on a vacation with a toddler is convenience. A vacation rental is your home base during your getaway. You can easily cook meals in the fully-equipped kitchen if your toddler isn’t up to going to one of the many restaurants on the island. We also have rentals with pools available; sometimes, it is much more convenient to take a dip in the pool rather than lug all your supplies to the beach.

Book Your Family Getaway Today!
Come experience one of the best beach vacations for families with toddlers when you book one of our Collins Vacation Rentals. Our properties are located all over the island so you can choose based on size and neighborhood. Whether you want to be in the gated community of the Plantation or close to town, we have one for you! Browse our rentals to start planning your stay. We look forward to seeing you!

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