This Is Why You Need a Trip From Tallahassee to St. George Island

If you’re looking for a close getaway from Tallahassee, you’re in luck! Tallahassee residents love to vacation on St. George Island. Located just under two hours from the city, SGI is a beautiful, easily accessible respite from everyday life. Sandy shores are the perfect cure for the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so hop in your car and make the drive from Tallahassee to St. George Island!

If you’re planning a trip from Tallahassee to St. George Island, we can help! Start creating your itinerary with our Things to Do page . We have carefully curated a list of local suggestions so you have the tools to make your vacation the best it can possibly be. Here, you will find outdoor activities, restaurants, and local businesses that will keep your loved ones active as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the island.

Getting From Tallahassee to St. George Island
Getting to your vacation destination can be a nightmare, but when you’re coming from Tallahassee, it’s easy! The Big Bend Scenic Byway from Tallahassee to St. George Island is full of natural wonders that are well-worth the stops you’ll make to take it all in. During your travels, you’ll get to see everything from towering pines to seagrass beds and marshes all in one trip! On your journey, keep an eye out for several types of plants and wildlife. You never know what you’ll come across!

3 Reasons Tallahassee to St. George Island Is the Best Trip

You Get to See the Best of Old Florida
The Big Bend drive from Tallahassee to St. George Island is a history lover’s dream. The region has gone through several transitions since the 1800s, including developing a hard-working farm culture, housing cowboys and trappers, and participating in several wars. The area’s storied past is now marked by preserved sites such as a North Florida pioneer farm and Fort Braden. You’ll have the opportunity to see these and many other sites on your drive to SGI!

An Escape From the City
The vibe on our island is the complete opposite from city life. When you’re here, you’ll find yourself operating on island time. The fast pace of Tallahassee is nowhere to be found! Instead, you get to relax on the beach, indulge in cocktails as the sun sets, and have some quality family time in your vacation rental. With beach chair rentals readily available and great restaurants right on the island, it’s impossible not to relax while you’re here!

Something for Everyone
Whether you’re coming with your sweetheart or taking the entire family, there is something for everyone on St. George Island. Popular spots like the St. George Island Lighthouse cater to people of all ages, and the older crowd loves the nightlife . Our island is small and secluded, but you’ll never run out of things to do during your vacation.

Book Your Getaway Today
When you make the drive from Tallahassee to St. George Island, unpack and unwind at a beautiful Collins Vacation Home. Our gorgeous rentals are amazing places to spend your trip to SGI. Browse our properties to start planning your getaway! Take full advantage of your beach vacation when you stay in one of our premier oceanfront properties, or opt for a peaceful place a few minutes away from the Gulf. We look forward to seeing you!

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