Everything You Need to Know About Crooked River Lighthouse

Crooked River Lighthouse - Carabelle, Florida

One of our favorite parts of St. George Island is its rich nautical history. Its first inhabitants, the Creek Indians, used its coast and seas for survival. As times went on, fishing fleets and other vessels began to access the Gulf of Mexico through Apalachicola Bay. Because of this, lighthouses were erected on SGI as well as the neighboring Dog Island and the coast of the Florida mainland. You’ll see some during your stay at one of our Collins Vacation Rentals, like the famous Crooked River Lighthouse!

You’ll most likely come across landmarks like the Crooked River Lighthouse as you explore the island. If you’re unsure of other activities to enjoy during your stay, check out our Things to Do page! We know planning a vacation can be time consuming and challenging, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite things to do so you can spend more time choosing your perfect Collins Vacation Rental. You’ll find restaurants, shops, excursions, and more!

Crooked River Lighthouse History
Crooked River Lighthouse was erected on the Florida coast in 1895 as a replacement to a lighthouse that had been destroyed on Dog Island. Its light has stood for over 100 years as a beacon to guide ships and fishing vessels through the dangerous passage between Dog Island and SGI. The grounds of the tower originally included a house for the light keeper and his family, but when the light switched to automated electricity in 1952, there was no more need for light keepers. The buildings on the grounds were sold and removed.

The Crooked River Lighthouse was decommissioned in 1995. A struggle commenced between the town and the government when the U.S. Coast Guard attempted to sell the lighthouse. In response, the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association was formed by residents so the lighthouse could be restored to its former glory and opened to the public.

Visiting the Crooked River Lighthouse

Not only is the Crooked River Lighthouse gorgeous to view, it is open to the public! Climb to the top of the tower Wednesday through Sunday. All you have to do to climb the 138 steps is make a $15 donation to the Carrabelle Lighthouse Association that goes towards keeping up the grounds. After climbing, make sure to check out the museum with relics from the past, then browse through the gift shop for a souvenir. The park area around the tower has picnic tables and a small playground in case you would like to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy some time outdoors there.

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