The Best Secluded Beach Vacations on the Forgotten Coast

St. George Island’s nickname, the Forgotten Coast, says it all. Legend has it that our island oasis was once left off the Florida map, earning it this title. We  think it fits perfectly, since it’s one of the best secluded beach vacations the state has to offer! Collins Vacation Rentals offers the opportunity to visit one of Florida’s best-kept secrets. Come experience the beauty of natural coastal living when you stay on St. George Island!

As you prepare for one of the best secluded beach vacations on the Forgotten Coast, don’t forget to head over to our Things to Do page. We know that planning a vacation can be challenging, so we created a list of our favorite activities and companies to save you from hours of research! Find everything from date night ideas to fun for the whole family. It has everything you need to plan an amazing getaway to beautiful St. George!

The Best Secluded Beach Vacations on the Forgotten Coast
St. George Island Beach
Even SGI’s most popular beach, St. George Island Beach, is still so calm and uncrowded that it makes one of the best secluded beach vacations on the Forgotten Coast. Known as one of the most beautiful destination beaches in the United States, its clear waters still remain pure. The only signs of use are the added bath house facilities, pavilions for picnics, and a playground a ball court for some fun with family or friends.

Unit Four Beach
Unit Four Beach is located on the bay side of St. George Island. This is one of the best spots to come if you are truly looking for seclusion. Here, you will find a purist’s paradise with only one picnic table and limited parking. We recommend bringing binoculars for excellent birding. Willet, plover, heron, diving osprey, and marauding eagles are just a few of the feathered creatures you will most likely see here. This beach also connects to some of the most productive shallow-water oyster bars in the bay, making for great fishing. Cast a line as you gaze out over the calm waters.

St. George Island State Park
The soft white sand of St. George Island State Park lines the glistening gulf to create a stunning scene that you’ll ever forget. This area of the Forgotten Coast is the perfect balance of seclusion and island fun. Grills and boardwalks dot the 9-mile expanse, but there are plenty of areas to enjoy your solitude.
Make sure to bring your fishing gear; the spring season brings pompano and Spanish mackerel to the shore while fall is full of redfish and speckled trout. Check out the East End Fishing Beach, a fishing-only area within St. George Island State Park, for some of the best fishing on the island!

Stay at Collins Vacation Rentals for the Best Secluded Beach Vacation
When you take advantage of the best secluded beach vacations on the Forgotten Coast, stay with us at a gorgeous Collins Vacation Home. Our properties are full of the amenities that you need to enjoy a luxurious trip to the coast whether it’s with family, friends, or your sweetheart. With over 200 properties, we know that we have the perfect home to help you get here and start making memories! Arrive, relax, and enjoy the island life. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you start planning your next trip to St. George Island!

Your Tail Will Wag at These 4 Best Pet Best Pet Friendly Beaches

People come to St. George Island to see its stunning beaches, enjoy the outdoors, and relax under the Florida sun. Visitors can spend hours gazing out  over the ocean as they enjoy making memories with their family. The only thing that could make a trip to the Forgotten Coast any better would be to be accompanied by man’s best friend. Luckily for you, that dream can come true! SGI is home to pet friendly Florida beaches, and many of our Collins Vacation Rentals are pet friendly, too!

Now that you know your furry friend is welcome on our pet friendly Florida beaches, it’s time to start planning your trip! Our Things to Do page has everything you need to begin outlining your SGI getaway! Find local attractions, great restaurants, shopping venues, and more. Whether you are looking for fun excursions or romantic date nights, our island has it all.

4 of the Best Pet Friendly Florida Beaches
1. Unit Four Beach
You can find the gorgeous Unit Four Beach on the bay side of St. George Island. This is one of the most secluded of the pet friendly Florida beaches. Nature lovers will particularly enjoy walking this beach with their four-legged friend. Many come here for the birding opportunities; you are likely to see feathered creatures like willet, plover, heron, diving osprey, and marauding eagles. If you are planning on bringing your dog on your walk through nature, just make sure your pet is on a leash and you pick up after them!

2. Carrabelle Beach 
Located on the mainland, Carrabelle Beach is just a quick drive from St. George Island. This popular dog-friendly beach is protected from winds and heavy seas by Dog Island, so it will be calm every time you visit. On certain weekends and holidays, this popular beach can get crowded. However, once you make your way down the coast, you will find plenty of open sand! Whether you’re looking to soak up some sun, see some wildlife, or find a peaceful place to walk your dog, Carrabelle Beach is one of the best pet friendly Florida beaches.

3. Dog Island
If you and your four-legged friend are up to it, you can go explore the beaches of Dog Island. This secluded island takes a bit of work to access; it can only be reached by boat, ferry, or plane. Once you’re there, you and your pet will enjoy this private escape for hours on end. If you choose to go to Dog Island, make sure to bring any supplies you might need with you; there are no stores or facilities on the island.

4. St. George Island Public Beaches
St. George Island is exceptionally pet friendly, with dogs allowed on both the beach and the bay side for most of the island. Miles of soft sand and a laid-back atmosphere mean your dogs will experience their own vacation when visiting St. George Island. Dogs must be on a leash at all times, per the July 2017 Franklin County Animal Control Ordinance. Many of our businesses welcome dogs and their companions, and you will find water bowls and maybe even the offer of a T-R-E-A-T or two are you and your furry friends explore the area. Dogs are restricted in some areas of the State Park on the eastern end of the island. You may view detailed information about this on the State Park website. Dogs must also be leashed at all times in St. George Plantation, the private community at the western end of the island.

Other Ways to Enjoy The Forgotten Coast With Your Furry Friend
After you’re done exploring these pet friendly Florida beaches, experience some other things you can do on St. George Island with your furry friend! Many restaurants here will let dogs hang out on their outdoor patios with you as you dine. Some of our favorite pet friendly restaurants include The Blue Parrot and Harry A’s!

Collins Vacation Rentals Offers Pet Friendly Homes
When you and your four-legged family members come to St. George Island to enjoy the nearby pet friendly Florida beaches, we’ll be glad to welcome you at one of our Collins Vacation Homes. We offer a variety of pet friendly rentals within a short drive from all the pet friendly Florida beaches, restaurants, and attractions our island oasis has to offer. Your pet deserves a little luxury just as much as you do, so we will make sure you both have a vacation you remember for a lifetime! When you stay with us on St. George Island, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken care of all of the details for you and your best friend. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you start planning your next trip to St. George Island!